Sriven Corporation

SVC is a full service distributor, managing and controlling the entire distribution value chain.We work in full collaboration and transparency with our Business Partners. SVC is one of the best team in INDIA which represents Procter & Gamble in Telangana state. SVC make P&G products available and visible in every store of Telangana growing business profitably via being the best employer, and being a role model distributor site in India
SVC Continuously upgrades business processes and technologies in order to provide quality service to our target customers and attain preferred supplier status in all covered stores.
Sriven Corporation represents Procter & Gamble in Telangana State. This Transnational & Uniquely Diversified multinational consumer products company with networth of $230 billion, has grown to be the one of the most Admired Companies with market leading brands in laundry & cleaning products, appliances, paper, beauty & health products. Over 27 Plus years now, SVC has been Associated with P&G success through equally widespread wholesaling, retailing, and distribution network to enhance P&G brand in Telangana State.
SVC Perform business activities by identifying external environmental opportunities and threats & also analyze its core strengths and weaknesses to capitalize the external opportunities. SVC carefully analyzes its business trends, activities & serves its Target Consumers. SVC thrives to attain detailed plan to grow in each needed brand & product plans and execute as per current market situation, possible opportunities & reduce impact of threats. SVC also measure market description, product review & Market distribution.
SVC started its distribution from 1987. SVC initially started a distribution chain with House of Malhotra, Geofferry Manners and Godrej Soap’s with a group of 10 to 15 employee’s near Gandhi Nagar, Telangana State from year 1988 SVC wanted to increase its business portfolio with Orkay Instant Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Corn Product (India) Ltd.

Evolution Made from Procter & Gamble.


SVC entered distribution agreement with Procter & Gamble in 1989. SVC was a very small Group of employees of maximum containing to 50 persons with a turnover of Rs. 50 crore. SVC have successfully associated with P&G for past 28 years and yet ignite the P&G to Look upto SVC and became a GOLDEN EYE DISTRIBUTOR for sixteen straight years and now SVC had an employee base of more than 1000+ are working with a turnover more than Rs. 600 crore.




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